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Award of Excellence

Copia Urban Winery

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures Inc.

The owners of Copia Urban Winery restaurant in St. Louis, Mo., were rebuilding their restaurant from a devastating fire two years before. The restaurant courtyard is bordered on both sides by tall downtown buildings. The customers wanted Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures to design a canopy that would provide year-round weather protection for their guests in a garden style outdoor patio seating area, yet retract in pleasant weather. They requested as much open air as possible when the canopy was retracted. This one-of-a-kind retractable canopy is versatile because it can easily and quickly function according to the weather conditions.

There are three separate half barrel canopies measuring 20ft by 60ft long and each canopy is in three 20ft sections. The first two canopy sections retract under the third section. Each side of every canopy includes a water trough guttering system that empties into a large downspout. The customer wanted the retractable canopies to be electrically operated. Three separate chain driven motor systems are operated independently. Each 20ft retractable canopy is carried by six custom-made trolleys with six caster wheels each. A total of 216 neoprene caster wheels carry the canopies in and out on customized aluminum I beams.

The client was very pleased and received everything he wanted, which included as much retractable area as possible, a retractable system that is watertight and designed for 20 pounds per square foot snow load and 90 mph winds. The actual opening or closing takes less than 60 seconds.