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Award of Excellence

Ave Auction House

Miami Awning Co.

This is a cantilevered awning structure over the main entrance of a facility that is used for automobile auctions in Miami, Fla. This building is part of a commerce center and wanted to distinguish the front entrance to clients entering the complex. The awning is 20' wide by 12' in projection.

The customer wanted an awning that would maintain the overall design specifications that are used in other areas of the industrial park, while having its unique look for its own entrance. Aluminum awnings were used on other areas, but the client wanted to have a structural fabric awning instead.

Miami Awning’s design staff came up with a curved design on an angle for the front entrance without the use of any posts. The frame is supported by hanger bars that tie into a beam that is substantial enough to carry the load. The engineering criteria that was specified meets the Florida Building Code. Special plates were designed to properly anchor and support the entrance awning structure.

This awning makes the bold impact the client wanted.As clients pull up, they can't miss the entrance, which draws people toward it. The customer is so pleased, they are looking forward to moving ahead with this design in future buildings in the industrial park.

This awning shows how the addition of a canvas awning can really enhance a building’s facade.The design, fabrication and installation of this project were carried out by those who take pride in working together and enjoy fulfilling the needs of the client.