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Award of Excellence

Grand Entrance, Canopy Tulips

Lonas Lorenzo S.A. de C.V.

The project is a sculptural motif at the main entrance, with a base of steel structure and fabric membrane whose primary function is to cast shadows in an open mall and protect from rain. It consists of four mainstays in which four inverted cones arise, simulating tulips. The project is located in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico.

In the functional aspect, the purpose is to provide shade and protection from rain in areas of vertical movement. Aesthetically, the client requested an organic figure that would harmonize with the rustic environment and serve as an icon of the mall because it is located at the main entrance of the newest shopping center in the region.

One of the greatest achievements of this structure is the lightness that appears because most of the elements that support it are hidden from the viewers’ eyes and show only the membrane in a figure that in its isolation is simple as a cone, but in its repetition reaches more complexity and movement.

The result was a tensile structure with an elegant, light and functional appearance, respecting the essence of the customer’s requirements.

Due to the client’s request, Lonas Lorenzo developed an element as clean as possible without intermediate cables. The membrane was tailored in one piece and the process of montage consisted in separating the top of the structure with two cranes to place the membrane on the inside and the four rings in its position, and then tensioning to the eight corners as well as the bottom of each cone.