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Award of Excellence

Cover for Terraces at Bicentenario Park

Carpas Y Lonas El Carrousel S.A. de C.V.

Carpas Y Lonas El Carrousel was invited to build a cover for the terraces of new football fields in a park in Toluca, Mexico, an industrial city located 35 km from Mexico City.

The cover played an important role from an architectural and ecological point of view because the location is an opened surface of 35 hectareas (350,000 m2), and the park itself was constructed with an ecological approach.

Carpas Y Lonas El Carrousel spoke with the project’s architects about the possibility that the membrane could be recycled once it finished its duration, a discussion that supported the decision of the material to use.

After the design departments worked together with the project’s architects and made some changes in the original prototype of the structure and membrane, Carpas Y Lonas El Carrousel designed this model, Its structural solution consists of two principal arches of variable section with a few slight turns in the longitudinal and transversal section, tied with some arched tubular shaped structure principal. Over these are other tubulars with different lengths and radios to achieve a double height with the membrane and to have exit of the wind freely transmitting fewer loads for the structure.

This project fulfilled the client’s needs, which included protection of the users and solving all the constuction details that were presented, especially in the connections between the principal arches and secondary arches of double height.

This project allowed Carpas Y Lonas El Carrousel to solve in an interesting way the systems of subjection between membrane and structure.