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Award of Excellence

Bergwacht Training Center

Hightex Group PLC

This project involved adding a single layer transparent tensile cladding to a mountain rescue training center in Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany, near the Alps. The primary structure of the "cube" is a series of a triple-belted steel frames clad with modular facade elements, each consisting of ETFE foil tensioned over a series of vertical arches.

The cladding was required to give maximum light to reproduce the right atmosphere inside for the helicopter crew within the flight simulator. The client required a highly transparent facade.

In order to achieve a fast on-site construction of the facade, a facade system was developed that allowed the individual pre-glazed frames to be built in the factory and delivered to the site and installed complete.

The result is an elegant, highly transparent low weight envelope that protects against the elements, yet at the same time gives a suitable environment for the helicopter simulator training.