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Outstanding Achievement Award
Fabric Graphics

Dow Olympic Stadium Wrap

Rainier Industries

The Dow Chemical Company, an Olympic Sponsor, selected our company to produce and install the London 2012 Olympic Stadium Wrap. Dow’s goal was to help the games be more safe and sustainable. Designed to envelop the entire outside facade of the stadium, the wrap encircles an area of over 200,010 square feet and includes 336 panels. Each panel is twisted 90 degrees from top to bottom in the form of a helix, spanning 8-1/2 feet wide by 80 feet high. The panels will be emblazoned with artwork commissioned by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The Cooley Group was enlisted to extrude a new and unique non-PVC material made from resins created by the Dow Chemical Company’s Performance Plastics Division which require fewer raw materials in the fabric’s production. A subcontractor was responsible for the design, cabling and installation of the 336 fabric panels.

According to Dow, “The Olympic Wrap material will be up to 35 percent lighter and have a lower carbon footprint when compared to conventional materials. Other sustainable elements of the wrap include UV-curable inks replacing conventional inks which reduce emissions during the printing process and eliminate volatile organic compounds. The wrap will include post-industrial recycled content and the hardware used to hang the wrap will be recycled in Europe following the games.”

Dow is thrilled with the Olympic Wrap. They see it as a game-changer in showcasing innovation, collaboration and sustainability on a global scale.

Project details

Location: London, England
Fabric: Specially made non-PVC material by DOW Chemical Company
Specially made resins by DOW Chemical Company
Design and Installation: FabriTec Structures