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Award of Excellence
Tensile structures 600-2300 sq.m

Metro Uper Station


The client asked us to create textile roofs for three metro stations, Laguna Sur, Las Parcelas and Monte Tabor, to cover the platform of the stations to protect from the sun and rain water.

The project was initially based on a sequence of rectangular steel frames which formed an irregular profile along the platform. To develop the tensile surface we designed an ellipse structure over the rectangular frame and the sequence was generated by rotating them alternately in each of the existing frameworks.

The project had good results, with the client asking us to take on new projects. We designed, developed and built four stations for the same client in the same year.

Project details

Location: Santiago, Chile
Size: 2,279 sq.m
Fabrics: Precontraint 902 S by Ferrari S.A. from Ferrari S.A.
Architect: Burmeister Arquitectos Consultores
Subcontractor: Constructora Internacional