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Award of Excellence

Design Miami 2009 Fair

Eventstar Structures Corp.

The purpose of this project was to design and manufacture a modern innovative venue space for the annual Design Miami fair in Miami, Fla. This temporary structure housed more than 25 design galleries in a single 43,000 square foot space during the world’s largest contemporary art fair, Art Basel, that took place in December 2009.

The venue needed to house one of the world’s top design fairs in a unique temporary structure. The main reasons for this specific structure were to deliver optimum coverage within the constrains of the event site and have a unique design so it would be a part of the exhibition. The client requested that this structure needed to feel like a permanent building without losing the dynamic of other temporary structures Eventstar Structures had done for them in the past.

One of the most unique and complex aspects of this project was creating an integrated facade support structure that could take 45 and 90 degree angles seamlessly. To achieve this, Eventstar Structures designed supports that would allow them to rest aluminum profiles horizontally in a tiered formation. This helped provide a louvered wall effect not expected in a temporary structure. A unique and dynamic exterior effect was achieved by heat-sealing solid white blockout fabric with a deep purple mesh. This produced a shimmering effect that brought exterior walls to life when viewed from different angles and light.

This structure, as in years past, drew an immense amount of attention from both the international press and the attendees. The very happy repeat customer is already exited about what unique design Eventstar Structures will come up with for the 2010 fair.

Eventstar Structures maximized the footprint and achieved a 36ft high perimeter wall by joining two structures with a custom connector plate specially designed for this. This allowed for both structures to share columns where they met and at the same time provided enough space for an intricate fabric gutter system to assure that water would not play a role.