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Award of Excellence


Pink Powered by Moss

Pink Powered by Moss created beautiful fish for Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco, Calif. The producers commissioned 6ft by 10ft long by 4ft high lantern fish to be suspended in trees. The printed bodies show great detail and the internal lighting creates mystery in the evening.

The producers planned to suspend the giant fish in trees on the concert grounds, creating surreal spaces for the festivalgoers to explore. The detail on the bodies were to look like Chinatown fish lanterns and the client provided the flat images.

The event came off without a hitch, however the challenge was to design and create the fish in the time frame and within budget.

There were several challenges in designing the lightweight fabric structure. The fish had to be full and round yet travel easily. The printing was also difficult; flat drawings but creating a 3-D shape was challenging with the details of the graphic on the form.

Pink chose to work with a double layer as a solution for both the internal lighting and for the smooth, round structure. The inner form became the skeleton with “bones.” The structure collapsed flat for shipping and a stick was inserted to tension out the form. A complete printed skin then covered over the whole structure and zipped closed. Each pattern part had to be created first, then the artwork manipulated for printing. After printing, each part was carefully matched and sewn together. The surface had to look great in the day and the lighting inside had to look great at night.